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Related post: Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 23:07:46 EST From: Double A Subject: Raven Hair(18)Disclaimer: After a hiatus of sorts, preeten model empire I am back with another story! japan naked model Yay! Anyway, due to personal problems, I've been unable/unwilling to write much of anything for a long time. Here is a teens modeling laura new story from me to you. For those of you who nude modeling know my style and enjoy it, you should really like this one. european teen supermodels Like I said, though, I haven't written anything for a while, so I may be a bit rusty. For those who don't know my style, I tend to use a lot of build-up and "storyline". So, if you came on to find a story for a quick jack-off, then this probably ain't for you. However, if you want to take the time to read a beautiful tale of young love, then sit back, take a sip from your glass of evie eveline model wine, and enjoy!And remember...Always stand male swimsuit models up for what you think is right, preteeen model galleries don't listen to bullshit, no bikini preeten model matter who is saying it, and always speak with your fists and swear a lot to be heard!******************Part 18: David woke up a while later. His first thought, was that he was extremely nauseous. Before his mind could focus on anything else, he stood up, stumbled out of his room, into the bathroom, and threw up into the bathtub, because he couldn't make it to the toilet. When he was done that, he looked around the bathroom and, through somewhat of a misty haze, it all came roaring back to him and he cussed his failure under his breath. He got to his feet and, after trying to rinse down the tub as best as he could, he groggily wobbled asian pedo model out of the bathroom, then looked around. It was petite models measurements dark out, so he model jamie white surmised that he had been asleep for the day, unless it was the following evening. However, David had enough sense to know that if he forum models pic had been asleep until the next day, he surely would have been taken to the hospital. He glanced at his watch and noticed that it was 8:30. That would mean that both his father and step-mother would be home. His failed attempt at killing himself forgotten for the moment, he happily descended the stairs to be with them. Though they were noticeably tense now, and his step-mother was downright hostile sometimes, it was still a nice feeling for David to be around the two adults. When he entered the girl model tiny kitchen, he spotted his father reading the Vancouver Sun on the living room couch, the living room being adjacent to the kitchen, and his step-mother making dinner. His step-mother acknowledged his presence with a glance, but his father smiled at him and waved him over to model ass the couch. He happily walked over and hugged his father, then sat down beside him. "So, how long have you been asleep?" He asked. David shrugged and said, "I don't really know." and then added, "I wasn't feeling very well today." "Oh, okay." He responded, apparently not suspecting a thing, and added, "So, did you finish your homework today?" David froze. He hadn't known that he wouldn't be successful in killing a runway model himself, so he had forgone his daily trip to Lord Tweedsmuir to pick up his homework. "Umm...I forgot to pick it up today, but I'll just get it doubly on Monday." Without turning around, his step-mother replied, "You can't go to school, and we're accepting that for now, so sapphic teen model all we ever asked if that you pick up your schoolwork. Now, does *that* make you panicky, too?" David's father shook his head and said to David, "Look, we're seeing the psychiatrist on Monday morning, bright and early, and he'll tell us what to do. The bottom line, though, is that you have to go to school, somehow. You fitness models naked can't sit home and do nothing all your life." "I know, dad." David teens models nudes replied, "and top models butt I really want to go to school, but right now I just can't!" And David wasn't lying, either. He really *did* want to go to school, if kids modelos xxx not for him, then because he wanted to make everybody happy. It sort of made him glad that his father didn't know about his attempt to kill himself. It meant that he wouldn't suspect anything when David tried to do it again, and he was definitely planning to. The weekend passed very tensely. David's step-mother was young nakedfemale models off work and David tried his best to stay out of her way and stay teenie top models at his computer, in the basement. He had recently got the Internet and was having a lot of fun having access to all the neat sites. His mission, though, was to be like all the major web freaks and get his own website, so he was starting to create a website based on 1850s model trains doing what he did best...writing. Specifically, he was going to start writing a weekly column, when the site was done, in which he'd discuss things that were on his mind. The site was established at Geocities, under the Capitol Hill homestead and would be called "The Redrick POV" Another thing on his mind, was the yong russian models investigation into a new band that had just come out that summer. It was the first dads little models band that David had heard of, in which the members were younger than him. That simple fact made him hate them so much. The band was called Hanson. Three young boys, two of which were mildly cute, who were successful and didn't even *have* to go to school, while David was sitting at home, forced to go to school. It just wasn't fair, and the first "Redrick POV", therefore, was a rant against Hanson. David didn't know much about Hanson, top kidz model but he was going to try his best to propagate the rumours that they were gay, dyslexic and the oldest one was actually retarded. It was actually that Sunday, in September 1997, that David decided that, instead of being the doctor that his parents hoped for him to be, he was going to be an actor. He was going to be a rich and famous actor, and then, he would use some of that money to have Jordan Hanson killed. Why? Because something about the way that kid smiled made David sick to his stomach and want to amateur model nude blacken bikini teenage models one of his blue eyes. David lilamber child model spent a good portion of Sunday afternoon, sitting on the basement tori model ixtractor floor child bonude model and convincing himself that if Taylor Hanson was dead, his katilin teen model life would now be so much better. In fact, he occasionally went online, just to go into Hanson chat room and models russian young tell the little girls that he was abstract people model planning on killing Taylor. sasndra teene model Of course, this made David cry, but he couldn't help it. On Monday, the three of them went to see Dr. Glass. They had three separate sessions with him. One, where the three went in together, the second where his dad and step-mom went in alone, and the last one where he went in alone. On the final ballet nude modell session, Dr. Glass already had quite a few pages of notes, and took even more as David related, in his typical "heart on his sleeve" fashion, exactly what the contents of hot lesbian models his mind was. He told him about why he felt that he couldn't attend school, he told him about his suicide attempt, he told him about his desire to make his father proud of him, he told him about his website, he told him about his hatred for Jordan Taylor Hanson, and he told him that he thought that he was gay. He even told him about Aaron and what had happened. After he was done, Dr. Glass called in supermodel exercises David's father and step-mother and model amanda lynn explained the situation. "Mister and missus Levine," he said, "based on what both you two and him have explained to me, I see the situation as follows: David wants to go to school, akai model csdv6r and you two were adamant about your atlas model train desire for him to return to regular school. However, it's my opinion that David may not be ready to return to a regular school system at this point." He stopped and allowed them to take in that. David's father nodded and said, "Well, does he require any sort of medication or therapy that would japanesemodelingnude help him to return?" Dr. Glass paused, then peachy teen models shook his head, "I feel that medication and therapy is only a small part of what David agency model petite needs. I'm not allowed to divulge any information that he told me, but I will tell you that David may be a preteem bra model danger to himself and to others at this point. While I cannot force any one decision on you, I'm going to recommend that regular school house of models not young models xxx be an option right now, and I'm going to present you with sexy nude modelle three choices that, I feel, would be best for him. Number one, is homeschooling..." David's eyes escorte girl niamodel teenage celebrity model lit up as soon as he heard that word. Hanson was successful and *they* were homeschooled, so if David was too, maybe he'd be successful too. His step-mother, however, shook models and teen her head, without even looking at her husband's reaction, "No, no homeschooling! I don't want him home during the day. He needs to get out and make friends!" Dr. Glass nodded, "I see. Well, then that also covers the second option, which was correspondence school." "Well, what's the third option?" David's father asked. "Well," Dr. Glass said, "we do have a facility where David would be able to get some measure of schooling. He'd also be around children his own age and younger, would be sexy litlle models under constant supervision, and have whatever medication he would be on carefully monitored. It's a live-in facility, built off the Surrey General hospital Psychiatric Wing. It's called the ACRP or Adolescent Crisis Response Program. He would be there for a minimum of three months, maximum of a year, depending on how well he does." la belle models "Sounds like an insane asylum for kids." David remarked. "How much would this cost?" David's step-mother wanted to know. "Oh, it's sex model galery totally covered by Medicare." Dr. Glass nn preeteen modelse replied, "And if you're interested in having him start, I could get him in by the end of the week." "Dad, please don't commit me!" David exclaimed. "Sounds like a good idea." David's father replied, totally oblivious to David's pleas. "Great!" Dr. Glass replied, "I'll let them know, and I'll provide them with a perscription for some drugs that David will be on. It's a very nice program." and, to David, "Also, it's not teenmodel their pirate an asylum. future teenie models It's nn angel model a crisis centre." It didn't matter even if it was an asylum. As soon as him and his father and step-mother arrived back the house, the preparations were underway for him to be sent to this facility. As Dr. Glass had said, by that Thursday, David's father brought him down to the hospital, David's bag sitting in the celebrity modeling backseat, and took him up to nude photographic models the ACRP. They nn models video were met by a nice looking woman, who said hello to both of them and began talking to David like he was a baby. "And how are you today?" She asked, bending over and doing everything except babytalk. "Who the hell are you?" community action model David inquired. She looked up at his father and proceeded to ignore David. "Good morning, sir. My name is Laura Hanson...I'm the mental health supervisor here and the coordinator of this facility." "Hanson...typical." David grumbled under his breath. She motioned for the two of them to follow her down the hallway and, as they did she talked, "As you'll see, this is a very small facility. We only accept eight kids at a time, and they are all between the ages of 12 to 18, but right now, we have one more and now David, who are 17. They will be the two oldest. We very rarely have anybody younger than 13, but we are getting one in a month, because of a discharge were doing at that time. We have two social workers, male and female, who handle day to day problems that the kids may have. We have a recreational therapist, tiny nasty models who handles activities. And, of course, we have our psychiatrist, Dr. Mascal. The kids have a two hour session with teen model girl him once a week. We do arts and crafts, drama, barbeques, and many other stimulation activities to keep the kid motivated. We have two teachers, with one doing english and history and the other doing math and vlad nudemodels science. Of course, we have no science equipment, but the academic portion is covered very accurately." David's father nodded, little teenmodel "Sounds good." Laura Hanson smiled and said, "Okay then." hispanic teen model then turned to David and said, "Why don't you head down the hallway and model 12yr old into our bikini models young student lounge. You can take a seat there and read a magazine or listen to a free models porn CD, while bikinis de modelo your daddy and I sign some papers. Then, I'll come getcha and let you meet all the nice people here who are going to take good care of you." David didn't much care for most child models bikinis of what models nn she said, but loved that he was given an child model undies opportunity to leave this discussion. So, with a nod, he oceanic model 6 left Laura Hanson and his father and headed down the hallway. "Oh," she called after him, "when you get there, if the lights are off, please turn them on." David didn't know what that was supposed to mean, but he just kept walking. This place, in his opinion, was more nuts than he felt. The walls were covered in sext young models crudely drawn paintings under headings like, "Draw Your Anger", "Show Your Fears", "What Makes You Sad". "This place is nuts!" David said to himself, as he took his eyes off the pictures and turned into a pretty dark room. He was reaching inside the room to search for the light switch, when he heard someone inside say, "Touch the fucking lights, and I'll fucking kick your fucking ass." David hand shot out of the room and he exclaimed, "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know anybody was in here." He saw a shape move in the darkness and walk over to the doorway. Standing in front of David now, was a young boy who appeared to be about his age or maybe top sexiest models younger. He was wearing a black tank-top that 14yo model picture showed off his muscular arms, and black jeans. He had short mousey brown hair, except for the bangs, which hung almost completely in his face, nearly concealing his car and model dark brown eyes. There was a splint on his right hand. "Hey, you're free models young new here?" the boy bianca model said. David models ru was at a loss for words, and then finally asked, "Is that a question or a statement?" The boy smirked in a way that made David nearly loss all muscular control below his waist, and replied, "I said `you're new here.' It's not fucking rocket science." David didn't really know how to respond, so he simply extended his hand and said, "Yeah, youngest naked models I'm new. I'm David." The boy looked down at his hand, then walked back into the lounge. models no nunnude David quickly followed him in. Hitting his leg on something, David tumbled over an object that he learned soon after was a chair. Regaining his footing, he sat down in the chair and looked across the room in the blackness. "So, what's your name?" David asked a shadow. There was no answer, and David lay back in the chair, wondering where he went wrong and when he'd get a chance to try and tiny models portfolios kill himself again, when suddenly the lights started to come on slightly. It was still dark, but it wasn't pitch-black anymore. David could japanese female modeling now clarion model 8044 see the boy sitting on a couch, his ilegal petit model left hand reached teen sexmodel up at a dial that apparently controlled the lights in the room. A book with a visible Star Wars title sat on his lap. David could make out little wisps of isabella teen model underarm hair as the boy's hand remained up, fingering the knob on the wall. He looked at David for a few seconds, a cold, serious look on his face, then asked, "You really wanna know?" David tried to kill the tense mood by smiling and saying, "Yeah. I really wanna know." russian nude modeling The boy's hand turned the dial until the room was pitch black again. nonude modells David could make out his shape lying down on the couch and putting the book on the floor. "You bella model torrent have a girlfriend, David?" David heard the boy's voice ask. David paused for a second, before replying, "No." He heard the kid take a deep breath, then blonde gallery model say, "Well, I had one before I was put into this hellhole, but she was such a bitch. I mean, I used to eat out that chick until sexy model tara she couldn't take no more, but the whore never let me fuck her up decision models forecasting the ass!" David couldn't help but smile. crystal knight model After a few seconds, he replied, "Yeah, well girls can be real bitches sometimes. I understand what you're saying." "You understand, eh?" He heard the kid's voice say, "You understand. That's cool. Yeah, well chicks are all fucking stupid. I mean, guys are korean models female where it's at, man. I mean, I ain't no queer, but there's nothing wrong with too guys making each other shoot, is there, David?" There was something about this guy that, for some strange reason, David liked. Nodding forum sandra teenmodel in the darkness, he replied, "Nothing at all." "Damn right!." He heard the kid say, "I mean, if I asked you, you'd let me fuck you up the ass, wouldn't you?" Flashbacks of Aaron popped into David's head, but, for some weird reason, he replied, "Yeah, of course." There was a pause of about fifteen seconds, before David heard the boy get up. He couldn't really see him, until he was about an inch away from his face, so he was really surprised, when he felt hot lips against his and a hand aggressively squeezing him between his legs to the point where it almost hurt. When the lips pulled away, he could see the kid's eyes staring right into his and a smirk on his face. "I'm Sean." The boy said, "It's nice to finally meet a guy who understands."
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